The Pineal Chronicles Phase I: Furtherance

by Bispora

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released July 4, 2013

Josh Paniagua: Vocals/Guitar
Mike Tallman: Guitar
John Castberg: Bass
Greg Chastain: Drums

Music and Lyrics by Bispora

Recorded and engineered by Bispora

Mixed and mastered at KuaFlux Productions in Antelope, CA by Josh Paniagua and Bob Petrie



all rights reserved


Bispora Sacramento, California

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Track Name: The Expedition
My eyes wonder up and down the same unfamiliar reflection
Questions radiate from my own enigmatic disposition
An unrelenting struggle my lifetime of ignorance has fed as pushed me to an edge
From which I dare not stray
For its abyss beckons me into its grasp

The echoes from a past life bounce violently within
Down I must go to meet the unknown
To decipher these coded thoughts that have lingered for so long

I shall travel by sea by way of the pacific to a southern land
In search of the answers
On a hunt for my truth to find peace within myself at last
Track Name: Where Ocean Meets Land
Far off in the distance beneath the suns morning glow
A mark of contentment emerges from the horizon

Land is in sight

(The vessel approaches the South American shore
And time is brought to a standstill by a swelling eagerness
As the watery distance between him and salvation slowly diminishes)

A promise land lies before him
Where ocean meets land
Standing royally on a throne of hope and splendor
Glimpses of what could come flash before him

"I am home," he says

(As the vessel kisses the sand)

Track Name: Peripheral
[Exit anatomy]

Into the grasp of that familiar hum
My singing soul screaming songs of departure
And all that is left is the peripheral I(eye)
All I've never known

Through the wormhole
Through my lifespan
Through the shedding of the skin

[Enter periphery]

Welcome the enchanting spiral downward
Through a thousand phases of change to the apex

Watch them dance in reception
With benevolent intention
Seems I've found a reason
To keep my aging body breathing through the seasons
A reason to carry on
And it's all I had before
A way to silence the fear
To carry on
Track Name: Eyes From Above
There are whispers in the heavens
A figure-less spark emerges from Earth
And catches the eye of an unknown presence
Progress from down below

Centuries have turned to millennia
In hopes of further discovery they wait
Forming patience as a way of life
Watching. Waiting. Bleak until today

A journey to the breathing planet to retrieve the face of growth

He who walks the path of nirvana is approached by the eyes from above
He who gives way to evolution is taken by the eyes from above
Track Name: A Surge of Progress
That is the direction I am thrown
Thrown into a surge of progress
Into the distortion I fly

Follow the ocean breeze from the trenches of your memory
Find who you once were
Isolate yourself
And dig

Dig into your demons
Swim amongst your fears
Bathe in your self doubt
And swallow it all whole

Embrace your nightmare as it flushes your comfort

A rebirth through inner monsters and bad dreams unravels at his feet

(Looking down at myself beneath the sea)

Reborn from the twists and turns of time
Peering into space with my third eye